The mission of PDA GLOBAL is to provide the best comparable professional services to our clients in the areas of project management, railway engineering, design and construction.

We aim to always seeking to provide a quality service and most importantly infrastructure solution in providing better services for clients without the traditional debt burden associated with such project.


Environmental Impact Assessment, Solid waste management, Sewage & Sewage works, Waste management plan, Soil Conservation, Energy Systems, Equipment Procurement


Computer application in Engineering, Technical workshops & Seminar, Railway Engineering


It has to be at the heart of everything we do.

By being professional in everything we do, always seeking to provide the best quality service possible, implementing industry best practice obtained from international benchmarks.

Displaying the confidence in what and how we deliver our services, Instilling confidence in our clients on our capabilities derived from evidence of our service.

Through demonstrating honesty and Integrity in intent and actions, by setting high personal standards and living by them, being trustworthy and last, but not the least respecting confidentiality